Are You A Free Agent?


Are You A Free Agent?

A free agent is a person who can love others regardless of those others’ attitudes or actions toward you. A free agent has nothing to lose or gain from others.
Are you looking for the praise and acceptance of man? When you look to man for praise or acceptance you have something to lose or gain. You are setting up yourself for disappointment.
The rich can be sued for everything they have, but the poor are free of such threats. Proverbs 13:8
Do you have something to lose? Are you living under the pressure of trying to protect against losing what you have gained? Are you trying to hold on to a relationship, money, position, job, title, customer or reputation?
When you are trying to protect from loss you are in a position of being subjected to bribery, blackmail or coercion. When you have nothing to lose you are free. A pauper has nothing to lose. You cannot blackmail a pauper. When you have nothing to lose you cannot be blackmailed or coerced. Those who have a reputation fight to protect their good name. Those who seek to have a good reputation become vulnerable to the praise of man. Jesus was not concerned with his reputation. HE was concerned about being in the will of HIS Father God. Jesus was not concerned about what others thought about HIM. Jesus did not seek the praise of man but of Holy God.
King Saul operated from a position of losing his Kingdom. The fear of loss drove him to want to kill David. David being a man after God’s own heart wanted to please God. David did not seek the praise of man after killing Goliath. David had to go hide for his life and live in caves for his own safety. David could have pursued killing Saul to become the King of Israel and thus receive the praise of man. David chose to humble himself. He had nothing to gain or lose. David’s desire was to please Holy God.
For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? You have everything to gain in your relationship with Christ Jesus. Your acceptance and approval can only come from the forgiveness of sin and freedom in Christ Jesus. You are a free agent, totally loved and accepted by the creator, redeemer and sustainer of life. You are now able to love others as Christ Jesus loved you. You are able to forgive others as Christ has forgiven you. Walk today as a free agent knowing you are totally accepted and loved by your heavenly father.

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