Are You Excited?

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Are You Excited?

What gets you excited?

Do you get excited when your team wins? Do you get excited about going on vacation? Do you get excited when you have accomplished a goal? Do you get excited when you see your children grow and mature? What really gets you excited?

Well here is something that will bring you TRUE and lasting EXCITEMENT!

How do you feel knowing that you will spend eternity in the House of the Lord? Eternity with the Lord is your home. Think on this. This should excite you! This is a time to celebrate. There is no fear of death. There is no guilt, shame or condemnation. You are made righteous sitting in Christ Jesus on the Throne wearing HIS personally-made Robe of Righteousness just for you.

This should bring healing to your soul knowing eternity begins now because you have received the Gift of Righteousness to live in the House of the Lord forever. You cannot work, buy or earn this gift. You receive the Gift of Righteousness. Jesus did everything to exchange your sin for HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS through HIS death, burial and resurrection.

There is only one way to be born physically and that is through the womb of a mother. There is only one way to be born again spiritually and that is to receive the Gift of Righteousness through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The transformed, forgiven, healed, redeemed, restored life is something to celebrate. Excitement comes knowing your salvation is sealed by the blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is living in you. Your identity has changed. Your address has changed. Your thoughts and mind will begin to renew. You are a new creation because the old way is gone and the new is beginning.

Your desire to know God’s Word will increase.

Submit your mind, will, emotions and control over to the Lord today.

Resist; say no to the thoughts of the devil saying you are not good enough. You are saved, healed, redeemed and forgiven. You have been set free from the thinking of this world controlled by the self-sufficient and selfish enemy of God living in your mind.

Get excited about God’s supreme powerful rule living in you. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. The same Spirit of God which raised Jesus from the dead is living in you.

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