Are you in HIM?


Are you in HIM? Are you in Christ? Is HE in you? Are you in the Lord?

Look at this bold statement of fact from the Apostle John who has witnessed the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
20 And we [have seen and] know [positively] that the Son of God has [actually] come to this world and has given us understanding and insight [progressively] to perceive (recognize) and come to know better and more clearly Him Who is true; and we are in Him Who is true-in His Son Jesus Christ (the Messiah). This [Man] is the true God and Life eternal. 1 John 5:20 AMP
How do you know you are in HIM?
And this is how we may discern [daily, by experience] that we are coming to know Him [to perceive, recognize, understand, and become better acquainted with Him]: if we keep (bear in mind, observe, practice) His teachings (precepts, commandments).
Whoever says, I know Him [I perceive, recognize, understand, and am acquainted with Him] but fails to keep and obey His commandments (teachings) is a liar, and the Truth [of the Gospel] is not in him.
But he who keeps (treasures) His Word [who bears in mind His precepts, who observes His message in its entirety], truly in him has the love of and for God been perfected (completed, reached maturity). By this we may perceive (know, recognize, and be sure) that we are in Him:
Whoever says he abides in Him ought [as a personal debt] to walk and conduct himself in the same way in which He walked and conducted Himself. 1 John2:3-6 AMP
This is how John says you know that you are in Christ Jesus:
  • You treasure HIS Word
  • Your mind is entirely renewed by HIS Word
  • You have matured with God’s love in you
  • You know, recognize and are positive of HIS Love in you
  • You walk, think, and behave the same as Jesus Christ

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