Are you Satan’s enemy?


Are you Satan’s enemy or are you in his army?

Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior. Colossians1:21
Satan is the enemy of the children of God. He is building a large army as a fallen Arch Angel. He wants people to worship him and not Jesus Christ as Lord. He is the author of lies, deceit, doubt and is a counterfeit for the children of God. Satan is recruiting people everyday into his army. Satan is great at marketing. He uses billboards, magazines, television, newspapers, stuff, money, and most importantly he uses people to market his lies, deceit, doubt and counterfeit.
Satan does a great job of convincing children through his army of unsuspecting moms, dads and grandparents that Christmas is about Santa Claus and Easter is about bunny rabbits. Satan takes a truth and replaces it with something counterfeit like Santa Claus and Easter Eggs to deceive the truth of Jesus Christ’s purpose for coming to earth in the Flesh which is to redeem mankind and exchange mankind’s sin for HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS.
Satan does a great job of teaching us to be discontent and doubt God. Holy creator God is not enough. You need more stuff; don’t just be satisfied with God. You need a new car to satisfy you. You need to look a certain way to be satisfied. Your importance is directly associated with your accumulated net worth and size of your house. Money is more important than God. Your appearance is more important than God.
Education is really important for Satan’s successful army to grow. He has done a great job of educating his army in worldliness versus Godliness. He has done a great job of deceiving his army, teaching them that they don’t need to Worship God by reading HIS Word or by going to Church. His plan is to have his army focus on the sinful people rather than those who look toward Jesus Christ for salvation, redemption, Shalom Peace and the gift of righteousness.
Satan only attacks his enemy – those who are speaking the truth of Christ Jesus and standing for the truth of the Gospel of the resurrected Jesus Christ. He does not need to attack those who are already in his army.
Satan’s enemy is the child of God. Satan is defeated and no match for the power and authority God gives HIS children in Christ Jesus. God’s has given HIS children a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
Are you Satan’s enemy or are you in his army?

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