You’ve been assigned to a foreign land. You are an Ambassador to this foreign land. You wear the Seal of the King of Kings. It is important you know your role and identity. It is easy to get confused and blend into the culture of your foreign land.
God made HIM who had no sin to be sin for you, so that in HIM you might become the righteousness of God. Romans 6:18
  • You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life. Romans 6:22
  • You are enslaved to God through Christ Jesus.
And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:6
  • You are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
You are a slave to righteousness; you are no longer a slave to sin. You are yoked to Christ Jesus as a slave to HIM. Your body, mind, emotions and feelings want to tell you that you are not righteous because of your old nature. You have put on the King’s Robe of Righteousness. Any righteousness you have comes from Christ living in you through the power of the Holy Spirit which gives you the Robe of Righteousness. When you speak, it is the power of God speaking and living in you. Your personal righteousness is as filthy rags. However, Jesus Christ has clothed you and redeemed you into HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. HE has set you in the heavenly realm next to HIM on HIS throne. You can stand before HIM washed clean of every sin. You are freed from being a slave to sin. You are no longer under condemnation. You are pardoned. Your sins are expunged. You are free to go home and live as God has wanted since the Garden of Eden. You are redeemed, restored and repaired in Christ Jesus.
You as a Child of God now experience the abundant life, living as God designed for you. You no longer labor in your work. You no longer complain about problems. You are able to laugh at fear. You are no longer concerned if you will have enough food. You are confident in God. HE will provide for all your needs in Christ Jesus. HE provides for and takes care of HIS CHILDREN. You trust in HIS promises.
You are protected by diplomatic immunity because you are on assignment as God’s Ambassador to this foreign land. This is not your home. Your protection and provision comes from your homeland which is in the Heavenly Realm with Christ Jesus.

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