Big House, Nice Car


Big House, Nice Car

Big House, Nice Car, Profitable Business
God wants you to have a big house. God wants you to have a nice car. God wants you to have a profitable business. The question is does your house, car and business have you? God created all things for your good pleasure. God is more concerned with who you are than what you own.
What owns you – God or things and stuff?
Search your thoughts and heart for the measure of worldliness and Godliness.
Worldliness is an enemy of Godliness and Holiness. The world has its own system of activities and regulations, and its own way of thinking and looking at life. Satan is the prince of this world. Satan has an economy called materialism and worldliness. Satan wants you to worship and take pride in the ownership of stuff and accomplishments. What owns you? What are you boasting about – God working in you or your efforts to gain stuff?
God is the creator of the world and universe. God has his own system called the Kingdom of God. God has HIS economy, thinking, activities, regulations and way of looking at life. Which system are you operating under – the system of this world or the Economy of God called the Kingdom of God?
Here are a few questions to test and help you determine your attitude and heart toward worldliness or Godliness.
_____Sitting at a red light, do you judge people by the car they are driving?
_____Do you think you are more important than others because of the car you drive?
_____Does your car define who you are?
_____Would you be willing to drive a 20-year-old car for a period of two years to measure your worldliness and Godliness?
_____If you lost your job and consequently your home through foreclosure, would this change your attitude toward life?
What does it profit a man if he gains all the stuff, accomplishments and prestige of this world yet loses his own soul and life?

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