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We’re live with Luke, the number one reporter in the world. He tells it like it is. No one has ever been able to find fault with any of his facts and reporting of events. Luke is reporting on the most significant event in the history of mankind. He has been covering this event over the last 40 days.Hello, this is Luke reporting live with breaking news. Three days ago Jesus was crucified on a cross. When HE was dead they took Jesus down off the cross. They placed HIM in a tomb-like cave.

However, now Jesus is alive! And we have confirmed there are more than 500 eye-witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Just as Jesus foretold, HE was dead and is now alive.

I am reporting to you live from the scene. I am standing in front of the tomb in which Jesus was buried. The tomb was sealed by a large rock and protected by top military guards. Even the guards witnessed the resurrection.

I interviewed Mary who was the first to the tomb. She tells me she saw an Angel of the Lord who told her Jesus was alive and no longer in the tomb.

I spoke to several of the disciples who had supper with Jesus. Thomas asked Jesus if he could touch his hands to demonstrate HE is flesh and blood and not some ghost. Jesus stayed with the disciples for 40 days before ascending to heaven. He told them to wait in Jerusalem for the start of their mission to the world. HE told them to go make disciples sharing everything HE had taught them. Then he ascended into heaven.

I interviewed Paul who used to be called Saul. Jesus appeared to Paul, in which a voice spoke to him and a light blinded him while he was on the road to Damascus. HE also witnessed the resurrection of Jesus. Paul is a changed man. HE used to kill Christians, now HE is a believer and a follower of a new organization called “The Way.”

I am seeing thousands of people repent of their sin and be filled with the Holy Spirit. At last count there were more than three-thousand who have repented and been baptized. They have been baptized by the Spirit of God. It is an amazing sight to watch people giving of themselves. They are not selfish. They are working together helping each other. They are working in unity.

This is Luke reporting live on this life-changing, history-making event. For reference, please see my two all-time best sellers: the “Book of Luke” and “Acts.”

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