Change of Address

Change of Address
For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come. Hebrews 13:14
Your address here on earth is not enduring; your permanent address changed when you became washed clean in the blood of Jesus’ and received the gift of righteousness.   Your new address now is seated in the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus.
God’s original intended address for man was the garden in paradise. God designed the garden where there was fellowship with God. Adam and Eve walked and talked in full fellowship with God. In the garden there was an abundance of food, there was no economic recession, there was no worry, no pain, no pollution, no anxiety, no malice, no hatred, and no crime. Yet after the fall, when Cain killed Able, he went out and built a city.
The city that Cain (man) built was a place of escape from guilt. It was a place to hide from God. It was a place of rebellion from God because of his sin. It was a place to cover the guilt and shame with drunkenness, temporal pleasure, and selfish desire where amusement deadens the pain. The city man builds teaches you to seek first your kingdom versus seeking first the Kingdom of God. The city with the noise of pleasure and entertainment deafens your ear to the voice of God.
Your citizenship is not here on earth, it is with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your enduring city is established now. You have a permanent enduring address with your Father in heaven sitting at the right hand of God in Christ Jesus. Your place is at HIS table in fellowship with HIM. You are a child of the King. HE has prepared HIS table for you and has a permanent table setting for you. HE has placed HIS SPIRIT in you.
As a follower of Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, your address has changed. It changed immediately. You are given a permanent eternal home city. You are now an Ambassador to the old city bringing the Good News of the New City.
As an Ambassador of Christ you are carrying the message of redemption, restoration, reconciliation, forgiveness, grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. You are wearing the Robe of Righteousness and the Crown given to you by the King.
Your address has changed, your heart has changed, your thinking has changed and your desires have changed. The Truth of God’s living address through HIS Word is alive and active in you.


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