Does God want your sincere worship?


Does God want your sincere worship?

Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” 1 King18:21You can worship Baal in sincere worship. You can bow down in full worship of Baal. You can give sacrifices of money, possessions and self-effort in hard work on the altar of Baal. You can cry out with tears and shout to Baal in sincerity. You can love Baal with all of your heart. Baal offers the forgiveness of sin through your own self-effort. If you will work harder and be more sincere in your effort to worship Baal then you will get greater reward. Baal likes self-sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin. He likes you believing that through your selfless acts you gain the forgiveness of sin. How is worshiping Baal working? Are you experiencing total, complete remission of sin? Are you walking in freedom or are you trapped in bondage to a religion?

You have to make a decision: will you follow a religion or the Truth of God revealed in Jesus Christ? There are many religions that all have one author – Satan (Baal). However, there is only one Creator of the Universe who created Life and revealed himself through Jesus Christ. Satan is the author of religion. God is the creator of ALL. We must worship God in the Spirit of Truth. God is not interested in your sincerity of worship. HE is only interested in your worship of HIM in the Spirit of Truth. God delights in a broken and contrite heart. This is the sacrifice HE receives. HE wants us to enter into HIS presence with humility and brokenness with no self-effort, totally dependent on HIM not ourselves.

Satan is a liar. He is deceitful beyond all means. Satan’s religion is based upon self-effort and do-it-yourself religious effort. I-can-get-to-god-by-myself effort. I will earn my way into god’s favor through self-effort. Satan wants you to be sincere in your worship (which is through self-effort) more than the object of your worship. If he can get you focused on yourself as the object of worship, then the sincerity (activity, doing, self-effort, rules, ritual) of your worship becomes the center of worship, not Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Redeemer and King.

Who will you serve – the false, counterfeit, ruthless deceiver, liar, and thief who wants to destroy you? Satan wants you to be sincere in your worship. God responds to Truth. There are a lot of religions that worship in sincerity yet miss the redeemer, savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the way, truth and life. God cannot respond to a sincere lie. HE only responds to TRUTH. HE is TRUTH.

God wants you to worship the TRUTH which is found in Christ Jesus alone, not in any sincere counterfeit religion.

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