Easter and the Passover


Sin entered through Adam and the consequence of sin is that you will experience pain in this life and you must suffer death. The ultimate consequence is God’s anger toward you and the eternal separation from God in hell.

Jesus Christ is the sacrificial Passover lamb. Passover is the time that the Israelites were freed from slavery to Egypt and spared from the angel of death. Easter is the celebration of the freedom from slavery to sin and death.

The Israelites were instructed to place the blood of the lamb on their doorframes and the angel of death would Passover their homes. Jesus gave his life and shed his blood so that we can have forgiveness of sin. He did this as a payment for our sin that we can be set free from the penalty of sin and death.

Because God loved you so much HE sent HIS son Jesus to die and suffer for you that you can be freed from the curse of sin and death. You can have eternal life. You can be pardoned from your guilt, shame, worry, anxiety and fear of death. HIS love pardons you of all fear. There is no fear in HIS love.

Jesus’ death and resurrection gives you freedom. This freedom does not come from man or government. This freedom is from God your adopted Father. HIS love and mercy set you free to worship HIM and praise HIM with all of your heart. You will experience a peace that passes all understanding and joy that transcends the pain and suffering of this life.

You can worship the risen Christ your savior and redeemer, the sacrificial lamb.

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