Events to Remember.


Events to Remember

History shows that we memorialize certain events, dates and people. We just commemorated the events of September 11th, 2001. But there are other important life-shaping, history-changing events that we should also remember.Let’s remember that God created heaven and earth and God breathed life into man.

Let’s remember that Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in their disobedience caused sin to enter the world, beginning the fall of man to sin. Mankind’s permanent inheritance is the sin nature with which we are born.

Let’s remember that God looked at what HE had created and saw the wickedness of man, thus flooded the earth yet preserved Noah and his family.

Let’s remember the deliverance of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt following 10 plagues. The Exodus, commemorated in the Passover, is a historical event. The Israelites were saved by God from Egypt. God instructed the Israelites to kill a lamb and place its blood around their doorframe as protection from the “plague of death.” That night they ate the lamb in preparation for their march from Egypt. The innocent lamb came to represent Jesus Christ some 1,500 years later.

Let’s remember Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection. God sent HIMSELF in the form of man through Jesus. HE came to redeem the world of sin and reconcile all mankind to God. Jesus’ victory over sin, death and Satan demonstrated GOD’s grace, mercy and love for man.

Let’s remember your birth date.

Let’s remember your Spiritual birthday. You surrendered your will to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You received the gift of salvation and the gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus. You acknowledged Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life and believe Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.

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