Exchanging For Greater Value


 Exchanging For Greater Value

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Corinthians 5:21
Exchanging is a common practice in the retail clothing business. You buy something and find out later the item is too big or small. So you take the item back in exchange for the exact size. This is an exchange of equal value.
Man’s economic system differs from God’s Kingdom system in that with man’s system the exchange is to get something back of equal value. In God’s Kingdom system you exchange something of lesser value and receive something of much greater value. This is the ultimate exchange. God operates in love, grace and mercy and exchanges your sin for HIS righteousness. This is an unequal exchange. Your sin for God’s righteousness is not even close or even comprehensible.
Jesus Christ on the cross has given you a declaration of Righteousness. This is a Declaration of Dependence on Jesus Christ. This Declaration of Dependence breaks your sin of dependence on self in exchange for God’s Righteousness.
You cannot earn God’s righteousness. Righteousness is a gift which Jesus has given to those who desire to receive.
You have been made righteous in Christ Jesus, not in your own efforts. It is Jesus’ shed blood which was nailed on the cross for all of mankind’s sin. This act on the cross is the unequal exchange of your sin for HIS righteousness.
It is by God’s unmerited grace that you are saved and made righteous. It is Christ Jesus’ act on the cross which makes the exchange complete to redeem and reconcile HIS children in Christ Jesus.
God loves you and gave HIS son as a sacrifice in exchange for your sin, thus it was your lesser value sin in exchange for HIS Holy much greater, undeserved, unmerited righteousness.
Walk today in the victory that you have been made righteous in Christ Jesus. This should make you want to shout, sing and praise the Lord.

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