Exponential Returns


Exponential and Supernatural returns

Man looks at the outside and God looks at the heart. When we invest money, we are looking for a return on the investment. Man wants interest, dividends and capital gains. God wants exponential and supernatural returns in the Kingdom of God.
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Man’s spirit wants to gain the whole world in his own desires for his own self-gratification yet God spoke creation into existence. God created ALL. God’s Spirit is beyond man’s comprehension. God’s ways are so much higher than man’s ways. God’s thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts. God’s ways are supernatural and exponential. Man’s ways are finite and limited. God’s ways are infinite and eternal.
Man’s ways are different than God’s ways. If you look back at the Wall Street collapse of companies like Enron, Lehman Brothers and General Motors, ¬†generally speaking, if you had invested in these companies you would have experienced a loss. You might have been better off giving the money away and investing in a ministry which has a lasting and eternal impact. God’s ways are eternal, infinite and lasting.
Ask this question the next time you invest: How does this investment impact the Kingdom of God? Most for-profit investments have only a profit motive rather than a Kingdom of God motive. What if there were for-profit business – ministries which honored and glorified God in their service, product, training and giving?
God can work exponentially and supernaturally through business ministry which is for-profit business just like non-profit ministry. The problem with non-profit ministry and ministry as for-profit business is they both fall into the temptation of the idol of money. The deceitfulness of wealth teaches that money brings fulfillment and safety and that money is the answer to most problems. Money competes with God for the Lordship of commerce, families and the Church.
Your work is your ministry. You have been called into the ministry of reconciliation. Being filled with the Spirit of God means God’s Spirit in you infuses and controls your spirit, soul and body. When your spirit is controlled by HIS SPIRIT and is dominant over your soul, your whole person is conformed to God’s truth. There is an exponential and supernatural return of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Lord, fill me with your supernatural Spirit today. You lead my footsteps and guide all I do today. Lead me unto your path of righteousness. Keep me from evil. Cover me with your cloud of favor and protection. Use me to further your Kingdom today. Bring me circumstances today which will allow your Spirit to work through

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