Forgiven Much


Forgiven Much

And forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us. Matthew 6:22 NIV12
Forgiveness for sin has already happened through Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is given freely by God’s grace on the cross for all mankind to receive or reject. There is no condition or prerequisite for man to perform to receive this gift of righteousness. It is God’s grace which saves mankind of their sin. It was Jesus Christ bearing the sins of the entire world on the cross which brings forgiveness of sin. There is no self-effort which you can do to earn the forgiveness of sin. There is no amount of money which can purchase your forgiveness of sin.
What is the expectation and prerequisite for living a daily victorious life in Christ Jesus?
The prerequisite for living in daily victory and freedom is your willingness to forgive others as Jesus Christ forgave you and washed away all your sins.
Just as there are physical laws like gravity which control the universe, there are Spiritual Laws which govern Heaven and the Kingdom of God. One such Spiritual Law is that you cannot forgive others until you have been forgiven and washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. God’s Divine nature enters into your life the moment you receive God’s redemption and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
The evidence of your salvation of being born again as a child of God filled with the Holy Spirit is your demonstration and willingness to forgive others as you have been forgiven much.
Your daily debts of sin come with a difficult price as a born again follower of Jesus Christ. Your price to experience victory and freedom daily is now based upon your forgiving others who have unjustly hurt you.
As an enemy of God, before being born again there is no expectation for you to forgive others. Now there is an expectation and perquisite for you to love and forgive as a born again child of God. God delights in HIS Children reflecting HIS Love, Mercy and Grace when they forgive others. You can freely forgive because you have been freely forgiven much!

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