Freedom exposes the heart


Freedom exposes the heart

Money is a test of your heart! What will you worship?

The Lord spoke to Moses and told him to tell the Pharaoh let my people go so that they can “Avodah HIM” which means in Hebrew to Work, Worship and Serve the Lord. With freedom and wealth comes a test of worship.

The Israelites were tested in the wilderness to see what was in their heart, to see if they would be faithful.

  • Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands. Deuteronomy 8:2 NIV

The BIG QUESTION is will you WORSHIP the Lord? Will you ADOVAH the Lord?

The same test of the wilderness is true with Freedom and Money. The Israelites built a Golden Calf when they were set free from the bondage of Egypt. They left Egypt restored with health and gold and silver yet they worshiped idols.

Which Kingdom will you build?

  • Will you use your money and your freedom to build the Kingdom of God which fulfills the covenant God established through Jesus Christ?
  • Will your money and freedom be used for selfish gain to build your Kingdom?

The condition of the heart is exposed with freedom and money.

Which will you worship and trust?

  • Which is more important – your money or the Lord?
  • Which brings more protection – your 401K or knowing that God will never leave you nor forsake you, that HE is faithful to fulfill all HIS PROMISES to you?
  • Which brings more security – your wealth or knowing you are the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus?
  • Which do you treasure more – your home or the riches of God’s love for you?
  • Which brings you greater peace – your possessions or knowing that all your sins have been forgiven?
  • Which is greater and more powerful – your wealth/money or the creator, sustainer and giver of life who has power over death and sin?

Generosity is a test of your heart which will determine your worship.

  • Allow the treasures of this world to be used to fulfill the covenant of Grace, Love and Mercy found in Christ Jesus.
  • Allow the Good News of God’s love to flow through all you possess in this world so that the Kingdom of God will come to earth.

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