From rubble to Cathedral

114x114-Repple-MinuteGod enjoys making Cathedrals out of rubble. What looks impossible for man is possible for God. Broken relationships may sometimes look impossible to restore. God can touch a person’s heart and radical restoration can happen.

God uses brokenness to restore and redeem HIS people. When we get to the end of the rope, God shows up. HE is at the end of the rope. God can only work with you when you are willing to be broken and are willing to trust God completely. As long as you are trusting in your own ways and not allowing God to penetrate your heart, God cannot do HIS work in you.

God is in the reconstruction business. HE loves heaps of rubble. HE wants to build a vibrant Church out of your rubble. You are the Church. HE wants to use your testimony to build other Churches. Your testimony of restoration and redemption is unique to you.

You have seen the pictures of disasters across the world such as floods, tornados, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters. These images of disaster are where God wants you. HE wants the rubble so high that you see no way out except to trust HIM. HE wants you broken and contrite and dependent upon HIM. HE wants you to trust HIM completely. HE will send you all the resources as you need them. HE wants you to listen to HIM. HE wants you to follow HIM. HE wants you to read HIS instruction book. HE wants you to know HIM. HE wants you to find comfort in the rubble. HE wants you to praise and be thankful during these changes. HE wants you to focus on HIM and HE will take care of the rubble. HE wants you to stop worrying about the future and forget the past mistakes. HE has forgiven you. HE wants you to build HIS Church as a way to remember what HE has done in your life. You are a walking, breathing, living Church. You are a redeemed stake of rubble restored by the hand of God.

You have been put back together day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, through God’s redemption, restoration and love for HIS Church. HE died for you. HE wants you to live for HIM. HE redeemed you. HE wants your Church to grow and become a Cathedral of Praise.

Thank HIM today for the issues, circumstances and problems. Ask HIM to teach you what you need to learn through each circumstance. Allow HIM to rebuild, remodel and construct you into HIS Cathedral.

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