GOD, YOU have known me from the beginning.

114x114-Repple-MinuteYOU have knit me together in my mother’s womb. YOU formed me and shaped me through the adversity of my life. YOU created me unique and special with certain gifts, skills and abilities. May these be used to serve others and meet their needs so that YOU can show others how much YOU love and gave YOURSELF as a sacrifice so we can be set free from the anger, hate, rebellion, pride, arrogance and selfish desire of this world. YOU have made me to worship YOU. YOU have shown YOURSELF to me through the peace that YOU bring me. YOUR forgiveness of my rebellious heart and ways makes me want to know YOU more. Thank YOU for loving me even before I knew YOU.

May YOUR KINGDOM come here on earth as it is in heaven. May YOUR righteousness shine through me, YOUR adopted child. YOU have been calling me by YOUR NAME. May YOUR suffering grow in me. May I know how much you suffered to reconcile me to YOU. Teach me and help me to follow YOU; hold my hand and do not let go. Lord I need YOU more that I have ever needed YOU. I seek YOU in the morning. I seek YOU during the day. Lord I seek YOU in my sleep.

Lord protect me from the temptation and lustful desires that are around me. The lure and pride to be something, to have power and control, to be recognized, they cause me to stumble and fall. Let YOUR WORD penetrate my heart. Let it sink down inside and take root. Help me to stand firm for YOUR righteousness.

Lord fill me with YOUR gentleness, love, and peace today. Give me YOUR strength. Fill me with your endurance. Let YOUR righteousness shine through me today. Let YOUR forgiveness show through me.

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