God’s versus man’s judicial system


God’s versus man’s judicial system

Man’s Judicial System versus God’s
In which court and judicial system do you want to put your trust? Man’s courtroom or God’s courtroom?
Man’s judicial system is seeking justice between men. The verdict rendered is usually a finding of money and/or some form of punishment.
Man’s judicial system is all temporal. Man’s judicial system’s worst punishment is death or life in prison.
Man’s judicial system is filled with hatred, revenge, regret, anger and unforgiveness.
Man’s judicial system is a win-lose system.
God’s judicial system is seeking justice between man and God. God’s declaratory judgment is a verdict of not guilty. The findings and sentence are that all sins are forgiven forever – past, present and in the future. You will never be judged again. There is no condemnation, guilt, shame or fear in God’s judicial system.
God’s verdict brings life. God’s verdict is freedom.
God’s verdict is filled with love, compassion, grace and mercy.
God’s judicial system is win-win.
In God’s courtroom, the accuser of the brethren, the devil, brings up all your past sin and everything you have ever done wrong. Your defense attorney Jesus Christ says, “All these charges and accusations were paid for on the cross.” The judge says, “Overruled.” The accuser keeps going through each of the wrongdoings and the Judge keeps saying, “Overruled.” The accuser is forcing you to remember your wrongs and give you a “sin and guilt consciousness.” The judge wants to give you a “Righteousness Consciousness” because your Defense Attorney paid your debt with HIS BLOOD on the Cross.
The comforter, the Holy Spirit, living in you tells you that you have been made “Righteous.” The judge says, “I will remember all your unrighteous acts no more.”

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