Good Shepherd

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Good Shepherd

The Lord Jehovah is my personal Shepherd. HE loves me. HE knows me personally. HE cares for me. HE provides for me. HE defends me. HE fights against my enemies. I am defenseless without my Shepherd. HE gives me an abundance of green grass. HE makes me lie down in HIS bed of comfort, protection and provision.

HE even leads me to still water knowing that I am not surefooted. If I would fall in rough waters, HE knows I would drown because my heavy coat would weigh me down.

HE restores my soul by taking all my anxiety, worry, regret, frustration, bad decision-making, guilt, shame and condemnation on the cross and makes me righteous. HE guides me in the right direction toward HIS righteousness. This brings quiet rest and sleep in the green valley grass, filled with living water. My soul is restored and refreshed in knowing all my sin has been forgiven based upon what the Good Shepherd has done.

HE is the one leading, not me, on this path of righteousness. HE gets all the credit. HE is the Great Shepherd and Lord.

Even though death is all around me, there is no fear of evil because I know HIS presence is with me. HE has given me HIS WORD as a rod and HIS staff to guide me. Even though I don’t know where HE is going, I have learned to follow and trust HIM. HIS way is always right and this brings great comfort listening to and trusting HIM.

HE washes my dirty coat with HIS ANOINTED BLOOD. I am overflowing with goodness, love and righteousness because HE is MY GOOD SHEPERD.

I am so thankful and grateful knowing I will be with HIM forever.

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