I Am God’s Favorite Child


I am God’s favorite child

Confess out loud, “I am God’s favorite child.” Say it again, “I am God’s favorite child.” HE loves you unconditionally. Receive all of God’s love recognizing that you are God’s favorite child.
Who are you?
You are God’s favorite child!
Recently I heard a story about how, at the death of a woman’s father, she thought she was the favorite child. Come to find out all the children in the family thought they were the favorites! Their father loved each as they were all his favorites. This is how God sees and loves us as HIS favorite child.
Knowing and believing that you are God’s favorite child removes, guilt, shame, condemnation and fear. God’s love for you is not conditional on your behavior. God’s love was demonstrated by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. HIS love and righteousness is a gift which you receive by faith. Confessing out loud, believing in your heart, and acknowledging your favored position as the favorite child of God brings healing to your soul. Your identity is in Christ Jesus. HE lives in you and you live in HIM sitting on the right side of God.
Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other children. Genesis 37:3
This is a foreshadowing of God’s love for you in Christ Jesus. God loved you so much HE gave HIS only son Jesus Christ to atone for all your sin and give you HIS HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS.
Receive your position as God’s favorite child. Know, receive and believe in your heart God’s love is conditional on what Jesus did, not on your past, present or future behavior. Receive everything God has for you today.
Speak out loud, “I am God’s favorite child.” As you speak it, you will begin to believe and receive HIS unconditional love.

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