I Am So Blessed


I Am So Blessed

What is the cause of your being Blessed?

The following is a definition of Blessed. The following scripture is the truth behind why you are blessed. Many times we look to the fruit which comes from the blessing rather than the cause of the blessing.

A prisoner is set free and pardoned for all of his crimes. He begins a new life by getting a job, buying cars and houses, getting married and having a family. He says he is blessed. The fruit of his blessing is the job, cars, houses, and family, but what is the cause of his blessing? The cause is that he was freed from prison. He could not have gotten a job and provided for his family in prison.

Are you saying, “I am so blessed” because you have a great spouse, children, career, home, car, family, retirement fund or ability? These are all true, but there’s much more.

Here is the cause of why you are Blessed; here is the Biblical definition of Blessed.

7 “Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.
8 Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.” Romans 4:7-8

The cause for celebration is that your transgressions are forgiven and your sins are covered. The Lord will NEVER count them against you. It is great to be blessed with a car and house, however to have your transgressions and sins covered is truly something over which to jump for joy and celebrate. You can high-five all day long about this!

This should put a smile on your face. This should put joy in your heart. This should bring gentleness to your spirit. This should cause you to want to sing, bursting to tell everyone.

I was getting gas for my car when the pump did not work. The attendant came out to my car and asked “how are you doing?” I said with a Spirit of Joy, celebration, and confidence, “I am so Blessed!” The attendant took notice. We started talking about CHRISTmas which then led me to share why I was blessed: because my transgressions were forgiven and my sins where covered. I shared with the attendant that I wanted to sing CHRISTmas carols all day long.

Go sing and share the real truth of why you are blessed!

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