Is the Temple of God in ruin?


Is the Temple of God in ruin?

Are you prepared in your heart to build? Are you comfortable in the world’s system? Are you so comfortable you are not aware the Temple of God (the Kingdom of God) is in ruin? Does the Temple of God need to be rebuilt?

Then the family heads of Judah and Benjamin, and the priests and Levites-everyone whose heart God had moved-prepared to go up and build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem. Ezra 1:5

Has God moved in your heart to go and rebuild the House of the Lord (the Kingdom of God)?

Has God moved in your heart and prepared you to rebuild the Temple of God? Does the temple of God in your country, community, business and family need to be rebuilt? Are you aware the Temple of God is in ruin in your family, business, community and nation?

The Jewish people had spent 70 years in exile from their homeland Jerusalem. The Temple of God, which Solomon had built, was in ruin for all those years. During those years of Babylonian captivity, the Jewish people did not forget their homeland (Jerusalem). Now it was time to go back home and rebuild the Temple of God.

Counting the servants, there were only about 50,000 people who returned to the land of their fathers’ (Jerusalem). The Bible calls this very small group a remnant. Many of the Jews who were living in Babylon and in other countries were living in comfortable houses and they were glad to stay right where they were. But a few of the Jews had a love in their hearts for the land which God had given to them, and they wanted to return. As soon as Cyrus gave them permission, they were ready to go.

Has God put a love and call in your heart to go build the Kingdom of God? Remember, the world is not your home. You are an alien living in a foreign land. Your home is in heaven – eternity with your Father God. You are an Ambassador on a Kingdom of God assignment pointing people to eternity. How many people are you helping move from their comfortable worldly home into the Temple of God, their eternal home? You will be criticized as you build and bring the Kingdom of God into your life, family, home, business, community and nation. This is a tough assignment. Only a remnant will engage in building the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

Go and build the Kingdom of God today in your marriage, family, work, Church, community and nation.

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