Kingdom Living Keeps me out of the Wilderness

Kingdom Living Keeps me out of the Wilderness

What is your wilderness experience? What if the wilderness is actually in your mind? God gave us a Spirit of Power and Love and a Sound Mind. Your desert and wilderness might just be in your thinking and mind. What would happen if you changed your thinking about your rejection, loneliness, depression, anger, worry about the future, failure, loss of a loved one, disappointment, children, spouse, boss, government, money and the Word of God?

Do you believe in the word of God?


do you believe the Word of God?

If you believe the Word of God then, you will trust what the Word of God says about who Jesus Christ is and who you are as HIS offspring. The word of God tells you He Agape loves you. He never said you would not have problems, temptations, trials, disappointments, pain, rejection, suffering, mocking, ridicule and loss. He did say, ”HE will never leave you or forsake you.” All life circumstances are opportunities to grow into HIS likeness. The believing and trusting God’s Word is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.  Your understanding of God grows through issues, problems and circumstances.

The purpose of the wilderness experience is

to know what is in your heart,

and to know if you will be FAITHFUL and TRUST GOD.

What you think will directly impact your beliefs and behavior. Everyday you act out your thoughts and beliefs.

When you are under pressure, what you think and believe will be exposed through your behavior. Praise and thanksgiving will get you out of the wilderness. Knowing God’s Agape love will get you out of the wilderness. Whining, complaining and being filled with fear, condemnation, bitterness, lack and anger keeps you in the wilderness.

Lord thank you that you will never leave me or forsake me. You have redeemed me and forgiven me. I am made in your image and likeness. I am your child. I am an Heir of God. I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I take my divine authority in Jesus name to cast out the demonic spirit of lack, fear, condemnation, inferior thinking and worry in the name of Jesus. Wilderness thinking you are gone. I live in victory with the Triune God living in me through the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your Agape Love. Amen and Amen!

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