Understanding Green Line / Red Line Living

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“Understanding Green Line / Red Line Living”


Join Program Host Kerry Fink as he talks with Glenn Repple, the Founder of the “Repple Minute” and author of the popular book “Fraud: What God Has to Say about the Tactics of the Enemy.”

Today’s topic: “Understanding Green Line / Red Line Living

The Repple Minute: https://thereppleminute.com/

“Fraud” – the Book: http://garepplefraud.com/

“The Repple Minute” is the daily morning minute designed to inspire, encourage, uplift and challenge your walk with the Lord. One of the major purposes of the Morning Minute is for people to know their Identity in Christ and their righteousness (right standing) with God in Christ Jesus. Glenn Repple has continuously published “The Repple Minute” since 2006 to encourage, uplift and challenge us to step further into God’s plan by recognizing the opportunities that are available through application of God’s Word to our daily lives.

The Repple Minute

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