Law or Grace Test

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Law or Grace Test

Put check marks next to the correct answers.

Which is greater and more powerful – what you don’t see or what you see? ____don’t see _____ what you see

Which is greater – the law of the 10 Commandments or Grace? _____law _____Grace

Which can only be received by revelation of the Holy Spirit – the law or grace? _____law _____Grace

How do you get salvation? Through obedience to the law or by grace through faith? ____obedience to the law ______ Grace through faith

Which will meet all your needs? ______the law _____Grace

Which is demanding? ____the law _____Grace

Which will bring a victorious life? ____following all of the Ten Commandments _____receiving God’s free gift of righteousness which cost Jesus HIS blood knowing that this one righteous act gives you victory over sin and death.

Which is self-effort focused? ____the law _____Grace

Which is Christ focused? ____the law _____Grace

Which will bring condemnation, fear, guilt and shame? ____the law _____Grace

Which brings holiness and righteousness? _____the law _____Grace

Can you enter into the presence of God? ____Yes ____ No

Why can you enter into the presence of God? _____because you are a good person and have tried to always do the right thing _______because of Jesus Christ who justified and made you righteous, who shed HIS blood for the forgiveness of ALL your sin.

How do you get righteousness? ____by working and serving the Lord _______by the complete and finished work of Jesus’ death and resurrection who redeemed you from the curse and took all your sin on the cross in exchange for HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Is God a God of wrath or a good God? ____wrath _____good God

The opposite of faith is the law which produces fear. ____True ____False

The opposite of the Spirit is the flesh (Self-effort). ____True ____False

The opposite of grace is works of self-effort. _____True _____False

How do you get rid of fear? _____by trying to love God _____by receiving ALL of God’s love knowing all your sin past, present and future were nailed to the cross in Christ Jesus.

Which allows you to be more generous? ____ trying to keep the law _____Grace

Which produces a scarcity, fear, lack, I-am-not-good-enough mind set? _____trying to keep the law ______Grace

Grace is the Person of Jesus Christ.

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