Lesson Learned


Lesson Learned

Recently a friend and teacher of the Word of God in trying to teach a point to a small group of us threw his Bible across the floor! The pages flew in different directions as the cover went in one direction and various pages separated from the binding and went in another direction. I was in shock. The entire room went silent. There was a hush over the group. This was really challenging my belief system to see the Word of God desecrated across the floor.
What lesson am I to learn from this act of throwing the Bible on the floor across the room?
Then he said these words to us: “do you believe in the Bible or believe the Bible? Are you worshipping the Bible or the AUTHOR of the Bible?” Most people believe in the Bible. It does exist. It is a good book. It is like most other books they read. It is a good history book. It is a good book that teaches values and morals. Some homes display the Bible yet do not know what is in the Bible. They believe in the Bible yet do not follow what the Bible says because they have not read and applied the Word of God to their lives.
There is a big difference in believing in the Bible and believing what the Bible (Word of God) instructs for your life, your family, your business, your community and your nation. Do you believe in a map or GPS? Do you believe the map or GPS enough to follow their directions? Are the map and GPS telling you the truth? Are they trustworthy? Are you going to worship the map or GPS? Would you be angry if I threw the map across the room or ripped it to pieces? No, you would not be angry because you do not worship the map or GPS; you trust the information they provide for your life.
God wants you to worship HIM, trust HIM, and love HIM with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. God’s second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. God wants you to have no other gods before HIM. HE is a jealous God. HE is worthy of your praise. HE is the focus of your Worship. HIS word HE has hidden in your heart. HE wants you to be obedient to HIS word. HE wants you to know HIS word and worship HIM above every other thing. HE is your all and all.
Here is the lesson learned: God desires you to feed and eat on HIS word and desire it to transform your life and thinking so you can bring Glory and Honor to the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer of Life. You worship Holy God and none other today.

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