One Meal Per Week


One Meal Per Week

Most people eat 21 or more meals a week. What would happen if you ate just one meal per week on Sunday morning from 11:30 to 12:00? This is all you would eat for the entire week.
Can you sustain yourself on one meal per week?
Certainly you cannot, and neither can you sustain yourself spiritually by being fed for 30 minutes on Sunday in a sermon. The minister is feeding you what has been revealed to HIM by God.
The Lord wants to reveal HIMSELF to you personally. HE wants you to feed continuously on HIS word. HE wants HIS Word to be continually on your lips and in your heart with worship and praise. HE desires your obedience more than sacrifice. HE wants you to hear, listen, seek and follow HIM in all your ways.
In Matthew 6:33 Jesus said, “to seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Here is what is added to you by eating on God’s Word.
HIS Word is nourishment for the soul. HIS Word removes fear, worry and anxiety. HIS Word is delight. HIS Word is refreshment. HIS Word is life. HIS Word is springs of living water. HIS Word is healing. HIS Word is light shined into darkness. HIS Word is hope. HIS Word is salvation. HIS Word is eternal. HIS Word is power. HIS Word is forgiving. HIS Word is a Promise. HIS Word is love. HIS Word is from generation to generation. HIS Word is faithful and true. HIS Word is the way. HIS Word is righteousness. HIS word is trustworthy. HIS Word is restoration. HIS Word is deliverance. HIS Word is revealed to HIS Children. HIS Word is spoken to you. HIS Word is health. HIS Word is abundance. HIS Word is prosperous. HIS Word is lasting. HIS Word is sharper than a double-edged sword cutting through to the soul of man. HIS Word is Righteousness. HIS Word is Peace. HIS Word is Joy. HIS Word is gentle. HIS Word is patience. HIS Word is kind. His Word is medicine to the soul.
Wisdom comes from continually eating on God’s Word. A wise man is one who builds his house upon the rock by hearing, eating, and feasting on the Word of God and putting into practice what was revealed personally to him by the Holy Spirit.
The good soil is hearing the Word of God, understanding the Word of God, and then putting the Word of God into practice by trusting in God’s promises.

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