Only, do not go against the Lord or go in fear of the people of the land, for they will be our food; their strength has been taken from them and the Lord is with us: have no fear of them. Numbers 14:9Life does not become easy being a Christian. Life becomes fruitful, meaningful and purposeful but life does not become easy as a Christian. There is a lie or false-belief system which says that Christians are not supposed to suffer. Most all of the Disciples of Christ suffered tremendously in their death.

Opposition makes you strong. Weightlifters, like many professional athletes, train by building strength through opposition. For Christians, your opposition is both internal (flesh, your own false thinking) and external (from others).

The Israelites were on the border ready to go into the Promised Land, yet the report they received showed it was not going to be easy. It was going to be difficult if not impossible to take the Promised Land. They would have to suffer to achieve taking the Promised Land. Spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not easy. There will be lots of opposition in your family, marriage, business, community and even Church.

Joshua gives you instructions on how to take your Promised Land:

  1. Do not go against the Lord and rather obey the instructions of the Lord.
  2. Do not fear the people.
  3. The battle with the opposition will be your food for provision and growth. The opposition will become a way to sustain you into greatness.
  4. The victory over the opposition is the Lord’s because HE is with His children. HE is with you. Have no fear.

Without resistance you will become weak. The opposition will become food and nourishment to give you strength toward your purpose of entering the Promised Land. Suffering is inevitable and opposition becomes the soul food of your faith.

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