Power which you can lose is not power at all.

The power and might of man is temporal and will not last. God’s power is eternal and lasting. His love defeats fear.

God’s Power created the universe (everything)

God’s Power created life

God’s Power forgives all sin past, present and future

God’s Power parts seas

God’s Power raises people from the dead

God’s Power heals the sick

God’s Power casts out demons

God’s Power is love

God’s Power is mercy

God’s Power overcomes death

God’s Power is full of Wisdom

God’s Power is righteous and Holy

God’s Power is everlasting, eternal and forever

God’s Power is outside of time and distance

Power which can be lost is not power at all.

Man works in his own temporal power and might. The enemy of God wants you to think you have the power and might. The attitude “I am going to make others suffer by not forgiving and loving” is power lost.

Man can tap into the everlasting power source of God through the Holy Spirit living in him as a new creation. Anytime man loves unconditionally, forgives unconditionally, gives out of his abundance and shows mercy to others, the everlasting power of God is released.

God has given man the power which lasts forever through the Holy Spirit. Life and death are in the power of your tongue. You have the power to speak life and death into the lives of others. Through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you, you have the power to heal a broken heart. You have the power through the Holy Spirit to raise the spiritually dead.

Power which lasts comes from the Holy Spirit living in you as a child of God. Power which does not last is not power.

God has given you a Spirit of “Power, Love and a Sound Mind.” Release the Power of God living in you through speaking LIFE giving words into others.

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