Praise On My Lips


Praise On My Lips

Lord God, Father God, God of Israel, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, maker of heaven and earth, creator of everything, Holy God, I bow before you today in awe and wonder of all your works. You are the One who knows each grain of sand. You are the One who knows my innermost thoughts, desires and motives. You redeemed me and set me free from sin and death. You have given me victory over evil through YOUR love and sacrifice of YOUR SON Jesus Christ.
Your praise will always be on my lips. I will meditate on YOUR Word both day and night. I will not let YOUR Word depart from me. It is planted in my heart. Your Word is alive and active in me. Your Word is a light and a lamp which guides all of my ways. My lips will speak life. My lips will speak praise of YOU. My lips will sing about the joy of my salvation. My lips will be a fountain of living water refreshing to all who have ears to hear.
Your gracious hand is on me. Your gracious hand has saved me like King David from the paws of lions and bears and the curse and condemnation of Goliath. You have shown your faithfulness in my life even though I have not been faithful. You have delivered me even when I did not deserve deliverance.
You have conquered fear, shame, mammon, regret, envy, lust of all kinds, guilt and sin in my life. You have given me strength to love those who are mocking me because of YOU. You have given me strength to speak boldly for you. You have allowed me to see your mighty hand heal, create life from something which was dead, restore the broken-hearted, rebuild what was lost and reconcile lost lives through your Son Jesus Christ.
Lord God I want YOUR righteousness, peace and joy in the power of the Holy Spirit to fill me overflowing so I can walk in your power, love and a sound mind today. My only desire is to bring Honor and Glory to you today. Your praise will be on my lips all day.

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