Redemption from what?

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Redemption from what?

Jesus came to bring the Good News of Christmas which is Redemption from Selfishness in order to bring God’s Devine Agape love.

The high treason of Adam caused death and the consequence of death is the focus on self-preservation which is selfishness.

Man, is made up of three parts:

□ Spirit, (Divine forever state of being filled will God’s nature of Love)
□ Soul, (mind-intellect, will and emotions-feelings)
□ Body, (five senses of see, hear, feel, smell and taste)

God gave man full dominion of HIS CREATION. Instead Adam listened to Satan and allowed Satan to steal dominion over the earth which caused death to man’s eternal Spirit.

So then, the consequence of Man’s fall caused him to be self-focused on himself and ruled by man’s soul and body not the Spirit. Before the fall, the Spirit ruled over the soul and body of man.

Because we are made in God’s image and likeness, we are Spirit beings in the same class as God. Man’s spirit died at the fall. Man lost the Divine Spirit of God and was removed from the Garden of Eden.

So here are some of the symptoms from the Satanic rule and the consequence of death and sin caused by Adam’s high treason (selfishness entered the world):

1. Spirit of condemnation
2. Insecurity not adequate
3. Fear, shame, guilt, regret, lack, not good enough
4. Destructive thinking in bondage and imprisoned to own ways
5. Expect bad news or bad report – defeated
6. Sickness, disease
7. Wants the knowledge of man
8. Cursed
9. Labor, earn to get, tired, heaviness
10.Spirit of religion (Do good get good, do bad get bad)
11.Rejection, hurt, wounds and unforgiveness
12.Ownership has loss- fear of loss
13.Fights to be right
14.Wants personal gain more than righteousness, seeks to get even
15.Can’t enter into God’s Presence “Not good enough”
16.Doing, have to stay busy
17.Spirit of oppression
18.Orphan spirit
19.Spirit of injustice
20.Spirit of fear
21.Spirit of lack

CHRISTmas is about Jesus coming into the world to bring redemption from this long list. Jesus came to restore, redeem, recreate and reconcile man back to the image and likeness of God which is the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus filled with HIS LOVE.

You have been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus on the Cross when HE said, “it is finished”. Your redemption is from self-centeredness of man’s dependence on your mind and intellect through the five senses. You now have the mind of Christ which is filled with Love, Peace and Joy. This is something that the reasoning and intellect of man cannot understand. This can only be revealed by God’s Holy Spirit living in you. The NEW CREATION of God’s love has come and the old nature of this list of symptoms is gone by asking and receiving through the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Receive all God has for you. Ask for the infilling of HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Allow God to show HIS love for you this CHRISTmas.

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