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Are you living as a defeated follower of Christ or as a victorious life in Christ?

Many people have received the Gift of Righteousness through faith in trusting Christ, however they have not reprogrammed their mind. Your mind did not get born again. Your body did not get born again. Your feelings, will, and lusts did not get born again.

You are no longer in Adam but in Christ. Your old sin nature which was inherited through Adam is now gone and you have a new Devine Nature in Christ Jesus. You were born in the flesh and now you are also reborn in the Spirit. You no longer desire to live according to the old sinful nature and flesh but live according to the Spirit of God living in you.

The process of reprogramming your mind is transforming your thinking. It is a renewal by changing the way you think. You used to think the way the world programmed you. The world programs you to think instant gratification versus waiting, get even versus forgiving, selfish desire versus thinking of others first before yourself, you deserve more and better versus putting others first and you being last, sexual promiscuity versus moral purity, drunkenness versus self-control, physical beauty is more important than Spiritual Growth, being a good person gets you to God and heaven versus receiving the free Gift of Righteousness through grace by faith in Jesus Christ.

Can you say and believe with all of your heart that “You are the Righteousness of God?” Can you say and believe that you have been made pure, Holy and Righteous through Jesus Christ? Can you say, know and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for all of your sin? HE has set you free from all past, present and future sin. HE sees you as pure and HOLY because of what Christ Jesus did. HE does not count your sins against you in Christ Jesus. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. You are forgiven, washed clean and have the Righteousness of God living in you.

When you received and trusted Jesus Christ you were justified (made right in relationship to God) and sanctified by the work of Jesus Christ, not through your performance. Now begin reprogramming, renewing and transforming your thinking in your new identity in Christ.

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