Royal Blood Line

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Royal Blood Line

As a born-again believer receiving the Good News and trusting by faith in the Grace given to you through Jesus Christ, you become part of the Royal Blood Line of the King. You are born again into the King’s Blood Line and become a joint Heir with Jesus Christ. You are seated on the throne in Christ Jesus as HE is in you and you are in HIM.The question is no more will HE forgive you of your sin. HE has already done this on the cross. Because you have received the Really Good News of Grace by faith, you received the Gift of Righteousness. You now get to wear the Royal Robe of Righteousness not because of your performance, work or effort but because of what Jesus Christ did and your receiving this gift in HIM by faith.

This Gift you received is hard to understand because you are so used to a performance-based work system. In this case Jesus Christ did all the work for you. HE took all the sin of the world on the cross. HE redeemed all mankind because of HIS righteous act. HE has set all mankind free from sin, death, disease, sickness, poverty, lack, guilt, pain, suffering, shame, guilt and condemnation by HIS RIGHTEOUS ACT on the CROSS.

Jesus Christ exchanged your sin caused by Adam so that you can receive HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. HE did all the work. Your part is to accept and receive the Robe of Righteousness and then renew your mind. HE has set you free from every sin in the past, present and the future. You have a new nature which is Pure and Holy in Christ Jesus. The Spirit living in you is Devine. This New Nature is the Life-Giving Spirit of God which is Holy, Pure and Righteous.

Receiving the gift of Righteousness in Jesus Christ gives you a new identity. You are now part of the Royal Blood Line of Holy God made Righteous through Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is the Good News! But the Old Man battles the New, and the Deceiver continually desires to bring the New Man back into condemnation. He wants you to remember your past blood line and not your Royal Blood Line, so it is imperative to daily renew your mind with the Truth-The King has made a place for you at His table! You are not a guest. You are a righteous and pure member of His family, and HE enjoys dining with you.

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