Royal Wedding Invitation


Royal Wedding Invitation

His Majesty, the King of the Universe, requests the honor of your presence at the Royal Wedding of the Ages between Jesus Christ as Lord the only begotten Son, and His bride, the called-out ones.
You are cordially invited to partake in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb by being cleansed in His blood, which He shed for your salvation.
By pledging your heart to His plans and purposes for your life, He promises to lead and guide you in the ways of truth, provide for all your needs, physically and spiritually, shower you with gifts by the Holy Spirit with whom He will fill you, and wash you in the water of His Word so that you may be used to tell others about this glorious feast.
As a token of His love for you, you will be given a ring to seal you as His own as He rejoices over you, His bride, and clothes you in the wedding garments of salvation and righteousness.
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