Speak and Pray Answers

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Speak and Pray Answers

Speak and pray the answers over your problem, circumstance, event or diagnosis. Confess the truth of God’s word over the situation, problem or circumstance.

Father God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, YOU reconcile, restore and fix hearts that are broken. YOU provide rivers of living water in the desert of dry hearts to provide life, redemption, restoration, healing, hope and love through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Fill in the name of the person or yourself who you are lifting up to the Lord. Speak out loud the confession of how God sees the person you are presenting before the Lord.

Thank you for seeing ________ the way God sees________ through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your precious blood shed to forgive all past, present and future sin on the cross for _________.

Thank you for restoring ________’s identity into being a Child of God.

Thank you for bringing the Truth of your Love and Word into ____________’s life now.

Thank you for the purpose and destiny you have for ________.

Thank you for your overflowing love filling ________.

Thank you for revealing your finished work on the cross in Christ Jesus to _________________.

Thank you for redeeming ___________ into right standing with you Father God.

Thank you for the salvation of ____________.

Thank you for your presence living in _________.

Thank you for the healing, wholeness and complete finished work of Christ Jesus for __________.

Thank for your stripes taken on your body which was given to bring healing to ____________.

Thank you for giving a victorious life to ___________.

Thank you for becoming his/her FATHER so that _________ is no longer an orphan.

Thank you for being a good, good Father. Thank you for your LOVE. Thank you for answering my prayers.

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