Spirit of power, love and sound mind


Spirit of power, love and sound mind

Where is your identity? Is your identity focused on your own hurt, pain, loss, suffering, problem or circumstance? Many times your pride is the issue. Unforgiveness comes from ownership. You assume ownership for something that is not yours. God owns everything in the heavens and earth. You own and control your thoughts and emotions. Your identity is Christ Jesus. Your strength comes from the Lord.
Job gives us the best example and the highest standard for living a forgiven lifestyle. Job received notice that his ten children had been crushed to death in an accident. He received notice that he had lost his business and all of his wealth. His health began to deteriorate as he became filled with disease and sores. Because he had lost everything, he was living outside the city at the garbage dump. His friends voiced their disfavor towards him. Yet when given all of this misfortune Job dropped to his knees and began to praise the God of the heavens and earth. “Naked I came into the world and naked I will leave the world. Praise be to God.” What is your attitude toward loss, hurt, shame, rejection, unwarranted gossip and misfortune? Job did not take ownership of his misfortune and circumstances. He did not fall for the ridicule from his friends and wife. He maintained his faith and focus on God. He knew his identity was with Father God. He was a son of God. He knew he was a dearly loved child of God.
Where is your focus? On the hurt, pain, ridicule, broken promise, gossip or misfortune? God wants us to seek HIM first and HIS righteousness. He wants you to rest in HIS comfort and security. He wants you to trust HIM with all areas over which you have stewardship responsibility. As children are able to be trusted with little things, so your heavenly father will give his children greater responsibility to manage more. Job was restored to even greater than he was before all the misfortune. Your thinking and mindset will change when you think God knows the best path for you and when you trust and know your identity is in Christ Jesus. Christ gave you a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind, not a spirit of fear. The Spirit of God is in you. Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit walk in HIS power, love and sound mind.
Know you are a dearly loved child of God. This relationship cannot be broken. You can be ineffective and powerless if you focus on the circumstance or problem. God gave you power to be bold just as David ran toward Goliath. HE gave you strength to stand against the enemy. The enemy is frightened when you take your place on the throne next to Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus Christ has baptized you into the Kingdom of God. You are a child of God. Your Father God gave you an assignment to be an Ambassador here on earth to reconcile and point others to Christ. You are HIS instrument to reconcile others to HIM.
Walk today in the favor and position which Jesus Christ has given you as HIS child. In Jesus Christ, you are more than a conqueror.

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