Suffering from the effects of sin exposure


Suffering from the effects of sin exposure

The exposure to sin has caused generations to perish for eternity. There is good news though: there is protection from the deadly exposure to sin which causes eternal death. Sin was brought into the world by your relatives Adam and Eve. They choose to disobey God and listen to Satan. Sin has been a problem ever since this decision. You can protect yourself from the eternal death caused by your exposure to sin. God has guaranteed you protection from eternal death in HIS son’s sacrificial death and resurrection by the Word of God.

The true and real protection comes by putting on the helmet of Salvation. This is the protection which safely delivers you into eternity. Jesus is the Word of God. You have to change your thinking and recognize you are a sinner. As a sinner you are in need of a savior. The Messiah Jesus Christ came to save the world of sin caused by your ancestors Adam and Eve.

Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:17

Your daily battle is to determine who will govern. Who will govern your life each day – your flesh or the Spirit of God? Where will you get your daily bread from – your own thinking or the renewed mind through the Word of God? Are you going to walk in the Spirit of God or in the confidence of your own flesh?

God breathed HIS Spirit into you when you received HIM as Lord of your life. HIS Holy Spirit wants to have dominion and control over every area of your life. The Spirit of God dwells in the tabernacle of your body, yet the battle rages between the heart, soul, mind, thinking, feelings and our actions.

This is why it is so important that you protect your heart, mind and thinking with the helmet of salvation which is the Word of God. Stinking thinking comes from the pollution of the world. Put on the helmet of salvation. This protects the way you think. Your thinking comes from the word of God. Protect your thinking and your mind with the Word of God which is your salvation and protection.

You are going to die physically. Make sure you have the protection which guards your soul for eternity – the helmet of Salvation.

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