What is the purpose of testing?

Do you like taking tests? Have you ever taken a test and didn’t have a clue about the answer, much less understand the question?

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. James 1:2-3

The testing of your faith proves your faith. It proves your faith is real. How is the shape of a diamond formed? It is under the pressure of trials that your faith is proven and developed. Testing in school proved your knowledge of a subject. Of course, you most likely didn’t enjoy taking tests. But when the test was over, you realized it was worth the effort you put in to pass it.

All good virtues that God wants to give you will come through the testing of your faith.

Can you say in your heart, “consider this test as pure joy?” Joy comes from God; happiness is temporal. Joy comes from your delight in the Lord. Joy is found in your heart and comes when you delight in God rather than your circumstance. Only a believer who puts his or her hope in the Lord can say, “consider my circumstance and trial pure joy.”

God is teaching you steadfastness to go through the trial. The nail must remain under the hammer to find its purpose. A diamond has to remain under the chisel to be shaped into a precious jewel. You have to remain under the hand of almighty God and go through your test and trial to be formed into HIS likeness. It is through suffering you gain understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ. He suffered and died for all, to take away the sin of the world. Your test will bring understanding of your knowledge of God as you seek HIM with all of your heart and remain under the mighty hand of God.

Are you willing and looking forward to take the test? Are you prepared to endure the test? Are you excited about the learning experience of going through the exam? Through the perseverance of the test you can emerge a changed person in the likeness of Christ Jesus. Allow your tests and trials to shape and mold you today. Consider all of your trials as tests of your faith in trusting God.

God loves you and disciplines those HE loves. HE will not allow more than you can bear. Your part is to remain faithful and persevere. Never ever give up.

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