The Battle Of The Two G’s


The Battle Of The Two G’s

The two “G’s” are Government and God, and the battle between them has been raging from the beginning.

Which G is sitting on the throne – Government or God? Which G promises to meet all of your needs – Government or God? Which G desires to rule over your life – Government or God? Which G do you want to rule over your life – Government or God? Which G has proven to work over centuries – Government or God? Which G enslaved the Israelites for 400 years in Egypt – Government or God?

The good news is that God is on the throne, and has never left the throne. He is the creator, redeemer and judge. God’s purpose for man from the beginning was to have fellowship and relationship with HIM. This was broken when sin entered into the world through Adam.

Man is empty because of sin. Man is not fulfilled and seeks ways to fill the emptiness. This emptiness has caused man to seek Government as a means to replace God. Government is not God, yet wants to rule like God which comes from the sinful nature of man. Adam and Eve’s sin was disobedience by not following God’s instruction. Their sin was thinking they did not need God to control and rule them.

Man’s stubborn, selfish, sinful nature causes us to seek other solutions.

God is on the throne. You can trust HIM. HE will never leave you nor forsake you. HE has sent HIS son to set you free from the tyranny of sin and death. There is complete freedom and liberty through Christ Jesus.

A role of Government is to protect your ability to worship God, not Government. Man was not created to worship man/government but to worship the redeemer and creator – Holy, Holy, Holy Living God. God is sitting on the throne wanting you to worship HIM today. Bow down on your knees seeking God’s guidance for today.

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