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That’s Not Fair!

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Have words of death been spoken over you? Has discouragement, defeat, despair, and depression entered into your thinking because of a hopeless situation or circumstance?

“It is just not right.” Are these words ringing in your ears because you have been harmed by words or deeds?

Have you been mistreated and disrespected? Have hateful words been spoken about you? Have you been treated unfairly? Has an unjust ruling come upon you? Has someone been promoted in your place? Has someone received credit for something you deserve? Are you suffering because of someone else’s mistake? Have you been hurt or damaged and it was not your fault? Is your integrity being questioned?

All of these situations are unfair and unjust, however God is a just God. You have been redeemed from the bondage of sin and death. You have been set free from the slavery of despair, depression, discouragement and defeat by the blood of Jesus Christ. You have victory over death and are alive in Christ. The only words spoken over you which matter are what God promises and speaks to you. HE has said you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus, HE will never leave you nor forsake you, HE has restored you and redeemed you into HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

You are powerless as a slave to sin and death without God’s grace and love. You are destitute and caught in an utter hopeless pit of despair because of the curse of man without God’s mercy and love. You are spiritually dead and ruled by the power of darkness without God’s mercy and love.

Which will you choose – to live under the curse of law, sin and death or above in the redeemed victorious life with freedom over sin, death, fear, despair, depression, disrespect, unfairness, injustice, hurt, pain, suffering, defeat, discouragement, harm and loss in Christ Jesus?

You can do all things through Christ Jesus. HE is a just God wanting who has restored, renewed and redeemed you into HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

God’s Heavenly Judicial system declares you “Not Guilty”. The judgement has been paid. You have been made “Righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ”. God is a JUST God. HIS will is for all to receive HIS GIFT of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

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