Through what lens are you viewing life?


Through what lens are you viewing life?

Do you see life through the lens of your parents? Do you see life through the lens of the church? Do you see life through the lens of others? Do you see life through the lens of the world? Do you see life through the lens of your spouse and friends?Is your lens distorted, cloudy and dull? Are you really getting an accurate view of life? Your lens may be filtering and distorting life. The world and its ways look attractive but they lead to death. Through what lens are you viewing your situation, problem or circumstance?

Are you using the lens of the Spirit of God to filter your thoughts and actions?

Any lens other than the Spirit of God will give you distortion. God’s ways are higher than man’s ways. God’s thoughts are higher than man’s. God is HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and JUST. Man is not. Man is saved, redeemed and forgiven by the Grace of God, not based upon anything man can do to earn his redemption from sin.

Jesus came to further the Kingdom of God. HE came to forgive you of your sin. HE came so that you can have life more abundant. HE came so you can bear fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness and perseverance. HE came to set you free from sin and death. HE came so HE could have more brothers and sisters.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. God spoke the world and creation into existence. HIS Word is power for life. HIS word does not return void. Jesus is the Word of God. HE is from the beginning. Use the Word of God to allow the Spirit of God to speak and guide you.

Trust the lens of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you today. Seek the Lord’s face today in humility and gentleness. Pray continuously today. Walk in the peace which transcends all understanding which will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Walk in the favor of the Lord Jesus Christ as a brother or sister forgiven and redeemed.

Your sin has been forgiven. You are healed and restored in Christ Jesus. Your identity is in Christ Jesus. Walk today in the blessings of your inheritance. Walk today in the joy of the Lord. Walk today in the freedom of your forgiveness of sin. Walk today in the acceptance of the pardon for your sin.

Look for the miracles of God being revealed to you today. Look for HIM working in showing HIMSELF to you today.

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