Victory Prayer For The Warrior.


Victory Prayer For The Warrior

Dear God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, maker of the heavens and earth, you are worthy of praise and honor, you are my King and Master, your servant worships you today.

Thank you for the protection during the night. Your praise will be on my lips all day long. Your word will not leave me; I will meditate on it all day and night. Your word is in me. I know greater is YOU which is in me than the enemy which is in the world.

Your warrior prepares for battle by putting on your armor in preparation for the enemy’s attack today. You have given me victory already. I will wear your belt of truth around my waist to give me integrity in all situations today. I will stand firm and be confident in YOUR word of truth today.

You have given me victory today when I wear your Breastplate of Righteousness. You will guard my heart through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. You have given me victory over all condemnation, fear, guilt, shame, rejection, loneliness, hurt, injustice, regret, unforgiveness and sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. I am wearing your Righteousness which gives me victory today.

You prepare me with the readiness of your Shoes of Peace to bring the Gospel of the Good News of Your Peace to all today. You give me your peace which transcends all understanding through the problems, circumstances and issues of today.

Above all I will take the Shield of Faith and trust you completely in every circumstance today. The fiery darts from the enemy will be reflected off the shield. I trust your shield because it gives me victory. Your shield will stop the deceitfulness of the enemy’s claims, accusations and schemes to defeat me. I trust your promises wholeheartedly.

Your Helmet of Salvation will protect my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. My mind will be renewed and washed clean by your Word. The Joy of my salvation will be my Strength. Your Word renews my mind with power, love and a sound mind which removes fear.

Your Word will be alive and active like a doubled sword which will penetrate the Spirit. Your sword will be in my hand ready to be used at all times to oppose the enemy of God.

I will be continually in prayer all day and night protecting my mind and heart through your Word.

Thank you for giving me Victory today.

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