Recently I had requested prayer from several brothers and sisters in Christ for a challenging situation in business. One of the responses I received changed my entire perspective, not just on the situation but on God in the situation. One of my dear brothers in Christ simply said: God is able to give me total victory. With that enlightening statement, the Holy Spirit convicted me that I was not trusting God for total victory. My God was too small. My friend’s God to which he had been praying for me was bigger than my God. His God was one which would move mountains, part the red sea, free the Israelites of slavery, feed the Israelites for 40 years in the desert, raise Lazarus from the dead, heal the leper, give sight to the blind, forgive sin, give victory to Gideon with a smaller army, heal the sick, allow Peter to walk on water, give hope to the broken-hearted, restore broken relationships, allow the cripple to walk, and for those who fully trust and believe experience the glory of the Lord in all situations.

When the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin of not trusting the Lord, I fell to my knees with tears of repentance, asking God to forgive me. I was not fully trusting God. I thought I was but my words and actions did not demonstrate total and compete surrender and belief in HIM. I know my daddy God loves me and wants the best for me. I am HIS child. HE has redeemed me and delivered me from all my unrighteousness. HIS righteousness is the victory, not mine. HE has washed me clean of all sin and unrighteousness by HIS shed blood on the cross. I am not worthy of victory but HE IS WORTHY of VICTORY in ALL THINGS.

HE can give you victory over the worry of the wayward children, broken relationships, finding a job, the regret of bankruptcy, the emptiness from the feelings of abandonment, the worry of providing for your family, and the shame of past sin. When you put ALL of your trust, faith and belief in HIM then HE can do HIS part. Your actions will show what you believe. If your actions are showing disbelief then God cannot do HIS part which is to restore what is broken and redeem what is lost.

To the Lord be the Victory of our salvation. HE has redeemed HIS children from sin and death and given us eternal life through Jesus Christ. Praise be to God for all HE has done for HIS children.

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