Wealth of the world?

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Wealth of the world?

What is the wealth of the world producing?

Is the wealth producing righteousness or wickedness?

Is the wealth of the world promoting the building of the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of the devil?

The wealth of the world is self-seeking, rejects truth and seeks evil. The god of the marketplace is the lust of the flesh under the guise of honesty, integrity and righteousness. The wealth of the world leads to the wrath of God, anger, emptiness and death.

When you do business with the world, how much of the money gets moved into the Kingdom of God?

How do we move wealth into the Kingdom of God?

Building Kingdom Companies through the marketplace is one way to shift wealth and build the Kingdom of God. Money comes into ministry through business and commerce, which creates a cyclical effect. As both are transformed, giving will increase and more money will flow into the ministry.
When you do business with a Biblical Entrepreneur (a Kingdom Company or Business) where the people bear the marks of redeemed lives (not perfect but ever-improving), money is flowing into the Kingdom of God. The Corporate giving, discipleship training, leadership training, individual giving, the love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace can be seen to all who do business with the organization.

We are called to GO! Go make disciples. The best place to make disciples is in the workplace. One transformed redeemed life in the workplace can entirely change the direction of an organization.

Investing in Kingdom Business seeks righteousness that brings honor and glory to God. God is glorified when HE sees implemented HIS ways of loving, forgiving, repenting and thinking of others more than ourselves.

The best way to transform the world for Jesus Christ, which will ultimately transform nations, communities, families and the Church, is through commerce. When business is seen as a form of worship, when business is understood as being redemptive because of Christ Jesus, when more Biblical Entrepreneurs are trained to carry the message of the Gospel and live the Kingdom of God, then transformation will begin.

This is a great opportunity to take territory in business! Stand for righteousness and truth today in the marketplace. God wants all of HIS resources used to further HIS Kingdom. HE wants HIS wealth invested with people HE can trust with little. HE will test you in the desert and wilderness to find out what is in your heart. Is your heart thankful, grateful and content? Godliness with contentment is great gain. Walk in the confidence of your salvation as a child of God. Speak truth in love. Are you willing to give up everything for the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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