What are the three biggest historical events ever?

What are the three biggest historical events ever?

God spoke creation into existence with words. God’s Word is Spirit and Life. The unseen created the seen. The unseen is more powerful than the natural seen world. God is Spirit. He created the natural world for man to have authority, dominion and enjoy HIS creation.

Creation is the first major event in history. God made man in His image and likeness to be His sons and daughters like Him in His family with God as their Father. We were made as eternal Spirit being with Agape Love. He designed us to remain in relationship with Him and that God would be the source of man’s Love. God’s original design is that the entire world would experience the goodness of God and God’s love flowing through His children so that his children would fill and subdue the earth with His image and His Agape love.


The Fall is the second greatest event in history.

Mankind lost his likeness and closeness as sons and daughters with their Father in the Garden of Eden by Satan’s Fraud committed on all mankind through Adam. Man was reduced to living by his own feelings, thoughts and desires. Man lived by what seemed right to him. Man is now living for his own selfishness. Man attempts to replace the Agape Love of the Father and their identity as a son and daughter which was once enjoyed, with the love, attention, affirmation, acceptance, esteem, identity through people, possessions and circumstances.

The consequences of the Fall – men and women are born with an orphan spirit looking for their Father’s Agape Love. They are born into the dominion of Satan. They are born into to a world of sickness and disease. They are born with a spirit of poverty, rejection and offense filled with fear, lack, insecurity, lack of trust, bitterness, anger, blame, self-effort, self-dependency, self-consciousness, unforgiveness and selfishness. Men and women are born into sickness and disease.

Symptoms of the Fall
Fear holds you in bondage from God’s perfect love. Spiritual Death is eternal separation from God. Guilt is an internal confession that “I am not forgiven”. Condemnation is an internal confession that “My life is worthy of judgment because of what I have done.” Shame is the internal confession that “This is still who I am. I am a sinner”. Poverty is the internal confess that “I am not good enough”. Sickness and Disease is part of consequence of the curse of the law with a disbelief that God does not heal. Orphan the confession that I am self-made. Injustice – the confession that, “I will get even”. Hatred and Strife – the confession that “it is all about ME”.

So, what is the solution from the fall of mankind?

Redemption is the third major historical event in history. This is God’s love plan for mankind.

Redemption and Restoration as a New Creation in Christ Jesus

6 For you [who are born-again have been reborn from above-spiritually transformed, renewed, sanctified and] are all children of God [set apart for His purpose with full rights and privileges] through faith in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26 AMP

Jesus came to redeem mankind back to Father God. Jesus redeemed mankind from the curse of the law which is poverty, sickness and spiritual death. Jesus redeemed mankind into right standing with God now. Just like mankind had never sinned. God sees mankind through the blood of Jesus Christ. God sees mankind as spotless, clean without sin because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus Christ restored mankind back to their father’s Agape Love. Jesus Christ restored mankind back into the family of God as children of God as sons and daughters of God. Mankind was made in God’s image and likeness which is Spirit and Love. and filled with Agape Love. Man is a Love Being. Man was restored into Agape Love through Jesus Christ so that they could love others and subdue the world with God’s Love. Jesus came to redeem man into a New Creation, Born Again in which the past old nature is gone and the New Nature in Christ Jesus has come alive in love. Heaven has come to earth to transform man back to the original design and purpose as Spirit Beings made in the image and Likeness of God. Communion and union with God in eternal fellowship is restored.


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