What is your biggest hurt?


What is your biggest hurt?

Identify and take a moment to think about your biggest hurt.

How did you heal from your biggest hurt?

Did someone betray you or sexually abuse you?

Have you lost a loved one in a car crash, war or accident?

Have you been rejected through divorce, loss of job or moral failure?

Has someone violated your confidence speaking against you with lies and half truths?

Have you identified your biggest hurt?

Now identify your biggest hurt in which you were able to receive healing. Can you identify a hurt in which you received God’s love and forgiveness so that you were delivered from the bitterness, anger and desire for getting even through revenge?

“for I am the LORD that heals you.” Exodus 15:26b

Your hurt may be totally justified in that someone unjustly harmed you. Regardless, you are carrying the hurt. Do you want to be healed?

Healing comes from the Devine love and forgiveness of God in and through Jesus Christ working and dwelling in you.Healing comes from receiving God’s unconditional love in and through Jesus Christ in you.

Healing comes from the Lord. He is your healer. Put your faith in Jesus Christ for your healing by receiving HIS unconditional gift of love, forgiveness, grace and mercy.

As you are delivered from this hurt, you will be able to give Testimony of God’s Glory working in and through you.

Are you holding on to a hurt in which you have not been delivered or healed? Deliverance will come when you trust in the Lord and stop rehearsing your hurt. God’s will is for all to be healed. HE gives you this decision through your free will to choose if you want to receive healing, deliverance, restoration, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ or refuse healing and deliverance from anger, hurt and bitterness.

This is your choice to receive the free gift of freedom and victory.

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