Why do we have weak and sick among us?

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Why do we have weak and sick among us?

1 Corinthians 11:29-30Amplified Bible (AMP)
29 For anyone who eats and drinks [without solemn reverence and heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ], eats and drinks a judgment on himself if he does not recognize the body [of Christ].30 That [careless and unworthy participation] is the reason why many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep [in death].

Are you taking communion as a ritual or in heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ?

We understand the sacrifice of the Blood for the forgiveness of sin, however we miss that the Body was broken for healing, wellness and wholeness. The Body was broken to remove disease, cancer and sickness. The Body of Jesus was broken to bring healing and wellness to your body.

Can you receive this?

Do this in remembrance of ME! My body was broken to bring you health and healing of all disease to your body.

Psalms 103:3
Who forgives all your sins, Who heals all your diseases;

The Lord heals all your diseases. It is God’s will for you to be healthy. Above all else God wants HIS CHILDREN healthy. God is not the author of sickness and disease. HE is the HEALER of sickness and disease. Jesus came to redeem and restore you into good health. HIS Body was broken on the cross to bring health. Yes, HE forgave your sins on the cross which is why HE shed HIS Blood. HIS body was broken for your healing and health for the removal of all disease.

The first Adam brought sickness, disease and death. The last ADAM (Jesus Christ) brings healing, restoration and life through HIS BODY being broken for you.

In Jesus’ name, receive your healing now!

Remember, HIS BODY was broken for you to receive healing of all disease and sickness.

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