Yoke of Slavery

Yoke of Slavery

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

The yoke of slavery is to the earth cursed system. Man’s deceitful tendency is to be a slave to rules and regulations in order to gain God’s favor. The truth is God’s favor is gained only through freedom in Jesus Christ, not in any rules or regulations. HIS gift of unmerited favor is given to all. HIS gift is not earned. HIS gift of grace is not through your effort. HIS gift is hard to receive by the arrogant and proud. HIS gift is hard to receive by those deceived by the riches and possessions of this world. HIS gift is best received by the broken and humble in heart.

God is Spirit and we worship HIM in Spirit and truth. Since most people walk in the flesh, they see with their own sight, they hear what they want to hear and thus they miss the truth of the Spirit of God. True worshipers of God worship in Spirit and truth which is the free gift of salvation by God’s unmerited favor on the cross.

The enemy is a liar and thief using deception and lies to convince people to believe they must work and earn salvation. They are deceived, thinking salvation can be earned by following the laws. Jesus’ death and resurrection was to redeem all mankind from the law, sin and death. The curse of the law has been redeemed.

Are you yoked as a slave to the laws of religion, rules and ceremony? Christ came to set you free from the curse of the law. The enemy of God wants to enslave you into religious laws and ceremony. The enemy wants you to live in fear, guilt, shame, and defeat because you have broken the laws. Christ came to set you free. You have victory over the sin of the law-keeping.

Take off the yoke of fear, guilt, shame, defeat, and discouragement in trying to keep the laws. Now put on the yoke of victory, righteousness, freedom, praise, joy, peace, contentment, and thankfulness in Christ Jesus.

The yoke of slavery has been defeated on the cross through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. You are now yoked to the King. You wear the Crown and Robe of Righteousness given to you by King Jesus. You sit at HIS right hand at HIS dinner table. You are a favored, blessed child of the King. This is the truth in which you can worship HIM.


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