You are being sued for Damages

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You are being sued for Damages

You are being charged with crimes and sued for damages in a foreign country. You are in this country as an Ambassador away from your homeland. You have become a traitor to your homeland and sided with the enemy. The total cost of all the damages is beyond your ability to pay.

Here are the charges and claims against you.

The accusation is that you have rebelled against your homeland, the King and HIS system of Rule. You are accused of being a traitor. You have sold out to the enemy’s system of government and rule. You have not followed the plan which the King of your homeland established. You have violated all the laws which the King has established. You are accused of being a thief, liar, adulterer and murderer. You have not honored the King; you worshiped and honored other kings of less value and worth.

You confess that you are guilty. You did commit these crimes so you deserve the punishment.

Your punishment for being an enemy of the King is the death sentence. You are a prisoner to your guilt and bitterness. You are waiting for your judgment.

While in prison awaiting your fate, you make a plea to be pardoned. You seek and learn that you can be pardoned. You learn that Jesus Christ paid your debt. You discover that Jesus Christ paid your damages; HE paid all the damages in full for you. You can go free and be totally cleared of all charges and crimes. You can be restored, redeemed and reconciled back to your home country and Kingdom where you belong.

Jesus died on the cross for the payment of your debt (sin). HE paid the price for your rebellious spirit of wanting to be like God. HIS blood is the debt payment for your wickedness. Your debt for your crime is fully paid by HIS death and shedding of HIS blood on the cross of Calvary. There is no debt too big for HIS payment.

You are washed clean by Jesus Christ’s blood. You are made Pure, Holy and Righteous in Christ Jesus. You are born again by HIS Spirit living in you. You are made new. You have victory over sin and death. You are totally pardoned of your crime of rebellion against the Kingdom of God. You are in Christ and Christ is in you sitting at the right hand of the King.

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