You may live your life believing something that is not true.


You may live your life believing something that is not true.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

What would you do if you believed your spouse was having an affair? What if you truly believed in your heart this was true? But then you later found out your thinking and belief was unfounded and wrong?

You observe that a co-worker leaves work early on a constant basis. You begin to build resentment toward that person because he is cheating the company. Your resentment grows and you hold a grudge against that person. You speak against him. Then, one day, you find out the co-worker’s mother is dying of cancer. The co-worker has received permission to leave work early to drive 100 miles after work to care for his mother.

Hundreds of years ago people believed the earth to be flat.

What you believe about God, Jesus Christ, your salvation, your forgiveness of sin, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, your sin nature, the Word of God, your stewardship, your faithfulness, your joy and your suffering can radically change your life!

If you believe your spouse is cheating, your co-worker is disloyal and the world is flat, your actions will reflect your beliefs. Do you want to live your life believing lies? The devil is a liar. He is the author of lies. The devil does not want you seeking the truth. If you believe Jesus Christ died for your sin and HE has radically transformed your heart through the forgiveness of sin, and if you believe in the power of the resurrection and that you will know Christ better through your suffering, your actions about suffering, the fear of death and the hope of eternal life will bring peace into your life.

Jesus said that HE was “truth.” What does that mean? If Jesus said HE was “truth,” what then is everything else?

When Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam thought he could now discern between good and evil. To himself, he was god. You cannot know truth (good and evil) apart from God in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Truth is found and revealed through Jesus Christ. Man’s knowledge is limited and flawed. When knowledge is revealed through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Examine your beliefs about God, Jesus Christ, sin, the forgiveness of sin, the resurrection, the Word of God, salvation, stewardship, faithfulness, joy, suffering and truth. When you seek HIM you will find HIM when you seek HIM with all of your heart. Truth is found in Jesus Christ. God is waiting with open arms to reveal HIS creation and mysteries to you.

Move toward seeking truth today. Spend quiet time with the Lord today. Ask HIM to reveal truth to you in HIS son Jesus Christ. Meditate on HIS WORD. Speak HIS WORD out loud. Pray scripture back to your heavenly father. Walk in the confidence you are a child of God today.

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